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Custom Floral Arrangements

Sweetpea's is an independent floral boutique, specializing in custom floral design.   All of our orders are made to your specifications.   There is nothing 'cookie-cutter' about our arrangements.   

Unlike the typical online floral retailer, we are not following a set formula with stock images to adhere to.   We are not affiliated with any franchise or wire service.   This means, your order is made to value, without anything going to hidden fees or commissions.   You are supporting a small, local business who tailors their work to suit your needs and style.

When ordering flowers, you have the option to choose a design style.  We have provided descriptions of our standard styles below to help you select which best suit your recipient’s unique tastes.

If there is something specific you would like the designer's to keep in mind while putting together your arrangement, you have the ability to add special instructions to your order while selecting your options.  For example, if you would like to ensure that specific flowers are included, if available, let us know.   If there are allergies, you may want to include notes like "no scented flowers".   If you know that your recipient has certain flowers they just don't like, please let us know.    We will do our best to ensure your floral arrangement is perfectly suited to the person receiving it.


Sweetpea's - Designer's Choice Floral Design

Designer's Choice

Designer's Choice is our most popular option.   This allows the floral designers to follow their own creative instincts with the arrangement.   Often our repeat customers know to simply let these artists do what they feel best suits the material they are working with.   They have seen the quality of work that comes out of Sweetpea's and place their trust in the hands of our talented team.

Sweetpea's - Garden Style Floral Design

Garden Style

This whimsical look is meant to be loose in form and depends heavily on textures and softer flower product.   There are no hard lines, or bold tropical flowers here.   Everything just seems to fall into place .... If you can imagine walking through a classic English garden, selecting snippets of what is in bloom while you stroll the paths, casually placing them in a vase on a table to enjoy with a cup of tea and a good book, this is the style you are after. 

Sweetpea's - Architectural & Structural Floral Design

Architectural & Structural

This bold style of design provides a modern take on the standard use of flowers.   Expect strong use of lines and large, 'statement blooms' and foliage.   This is a great option for someone who has a contemporary interior space where the arrangement will likely be a statement piece.    

We find that when orders are being sent to men who are not accustom to receiving flowers, this is a great option as it bucks the normal trends and brings a sense of masculinity to an otherwise feminine form.


Sweetpea's - Contemporary Floral Design

New York Contemporary (Clean & Round)

This distinct style is a cleaner look than standard floral arrangements.   The emphasis tends to be on a round design, visible from all sides.   Minimal greens and compact blooms are predominant in this style.    Any and all types of flowers are used.   Hydrangea is a common element in this type of arrangement, due to its size and shape.   Commonly referred to as a "roundy moundy", Sweetpea's will take the higher end, "New York" school of thought to this style.   This means carefully arranged flowers with texture and a monochromatic look, unless otherwise specified.  

Often mixed with roses, filler flowers and seasonal, locally grown material, this design style is a great neutral option if you are not sure what your recipient would be most accustom to in their home or office.  


Sweetpea's - Renaissance Still Life Floral Design

Renaissance 'Still Life'

This school of design is a favourite with our florists.   Ideally suited for a premium footed vase, rather than our 'standard glass', this style is one that looks as if it was poised for a room of artists, with oil paints at the ready and brushes in hand.    

Following a classic style that includes ornamental items, whether it be artificial fruit in rich jewel tones, or gold accented foliage, you'll find these are show-stoppers that will catch the attention of even the most seasoned of floral recipients.
This is definitely a style that suits the most refined of people and would seem to step out of another time and place.   Flowers are not only allowed, but encouraged to follow their natural lines.   Foliage and texture are paramount and, although carefully structured, there is a soft flow, allowing the eye to take in the arrangement from high to low.
Please keep in mind, these arrangements are often one-sided, with a definitive 'front' and 'back'.    If you need something that will be enjoyed from all angles, please specify that in your instructions to the designer.


Sweetpea's - Unusual & Different Floral Design

Unusual & Different

When sending arrangements to the most fun loving, adventurous of friends, this is the design that will offer a fun and funky approach.   "Unusual & Different" is the style were our florists will break the rules of floral design.   It is their chance to be experimental.   You will see a variance in terms of quantity of blooms, sometimes going for sheer impact with bold, large tropicals, or a collection of small flowers with wild textures and lines.   In any case, this style offers an appreciation for the shapes, colours and textural nature of those taking centre-stage in these art pieces.

This style is well suited to upgrading to a Premium Vase, as the vessel becomes as much apart of the arrangement, as the flowers themselves.   Strong, contemporary vases are selected by our florists and can easily be stand-alone sculptural pieces long after the arrangement has made its departure.

Sweetpea's - Toronto Floral Design

"As Shown in Photo"

Sometimes you just want what is right before your eyes.   If you want an arrangement done in the style portrayed in our examples, this is the choice for you.    We will do our best to mimic the look seen through our online ordering system.  

These styles are done in a neutral tone, not adhering strongly to any of the above styles, instead staying safe along the path of what is widely accepted by most people who are simply happy to enjoy fresh flowers in their home or office.
Keep in mind, seasonal availability may come into play and substitutions will likely be made, so it is unlikely you will get an exact replica of what is pictured.   That said, the colour, size and style will be as close as possible to what you see on the screen.    
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