Bouquet or Vase?

What is the difference between a bouquet and a vase?

When ordering arrangements, you have three options available to you in terms of how your order will be sent. 

  • Bouquet (no vase)
  • Standard Glass Vase
  • Premium Vase

Below are explanations of each option, so you can choose which works best for your order.   Your option may vary, based on the design style you select as well. 

Sweetpea's - Bouquet Flower Arrangement

Bouquet (no vase)

A bouquet will be a collection of carefully arranged flowers and greens, tied in place using florist twine, but upon unwrapping the stems will be exposed and need to be cut and placed in a vase by the person receiving it.     The bouquets are designed in such a way, that they can be cut down to fit into a vase, without untying the twine (thus, keeping the shape and design intact).

The arrangement will be packaged in a 'water pack' which will keep your flowers hydrated during transit, and surrounded by decorative wrapping.  They will need to be removed from the waterpack, the stems provided with a fresh cut, and then placed in a clean vase, filled with fresh, cool water.

PRO: Bouquets are a cost effective way to send flowers if you know your recipient has a vase at home they can use.   Your entire budget goes to the flowers themselves, providing more bang-for-buck.

CON: These arrangements tend to be a little tighter and don't offer the same level of design styling you will get if they had been arranged in a vase.   There is an added amount of work to be done by the recipient upon receiving them; however some people enjoy the process of placing flowers in a vase.   

A Word of Advice: There are a few cases where we don't recommend bouquet arrangements, simply based on the circumstances of the recipients.   In the case of sympathy, new babies or 'get well' orders, often the person you are sending to has their hands full already.   As much as your gesture is thoughtful, it will add a task to their day.   In these instances, a vase arrangement will likely be more appreciated.




Sweetpea's - Floral Arrangement in Standard Glass Vase


Standard Glass Vase

These are clear, glass vases, in a variety of shapes, heights and sizes.  Our florists select a vase, which best suits the design you have requested.  Sometimes the vases will be lined with a leaf in order to disguise floral foam, but more often than not, the stems of the flowers will be visible. 

Vase arrangements allow the florists more versatility in their floral designs.   We can design directly in the vase, so, when the flowers arrive, they are ready to go and present as intended during the design process.   With a vase arrangement, we can take better advantage of the flowers and greenery, creating something truly customized to your request.

PRO:  This is a cost effective option, which offers a higher quality of design than a bouquet, and an "out of the box" gift, with no assembly required.   Clear glass vases are relatively inexpensive and can be easily cleaned and stored for the future, or recycled after the flowers have expired.

CON:  Often people who receive flowers on a semi-regular occasion will have one, or three, of these types of vases stashed in a cupboard somewhere. 

A Word of Advice: A standard glass vase doesn't suit all styles of floral design.   Select styles, such as Renaissance Still Life and Unusual & Different, are best suited to a Premium level vase.  


Sweetpea's - Premium Vases



Premium "Designer" Vases

Premium vases will vary from season to season.   Our stock is regularly changing and we enjoy seeing new styles come and go throughout the year.

Premium vases are selected by our designers, based on the size, shape and style of the arrangement requested.    For example, the Renaissance style of design, a footed vase is often selected, where as for our Unusual & Different style, we tend to chose more contemporary styles.

PRO:  These vases become part of the statement of the arrangement and can really enhance the overall appearance of the order.   We often find that these vases become keepsakes, or stand alone pieces that are used as decorative items in homes or offices.   More often than not, our regular customers will bring these vases back to the shop and have our designers use them, over and over again, when they order flowers for themselves.   For those who receive flowers on a regular basis, a premium vase offers an added touch, which may be unexpected and have your gift stand out among the rest.

CON:  Premium vases can be cost prohibitive for some and more likely subject to personal tastes and decor.   

A Word of Advice:  If you know your recipient has a certain style they prefer, please let us know in the 'Special Instructions for the Designer' and we will do our best to accommodate this in our selection.



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