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Potted Plant - Phalaenopsis Orchid (multiple plants, white, in decorative planter)

Known as “the beginner’s orchid” due to its hardiness and ability to withstand conditions inside the typical home or office, the Phalaenopsis has become the most popular orchid in Canada.  Orchid Plants are a beautiful inexpensive replacement for a cut flower arrangement, or just an added delight for any room in your home or office.

Blooms last from a few weeks to upwards of three months, and re-bloom in cool temps up to 3 times a year.  Patience and proper care will reward you with additional blooms, once the orchid has gone through it's dormant period.   

LIGHT CONDITIONS:  There is an Orchid Plant to suit almost any lighting condition, but none like being in the direct sun.  If an area is too dark, the leaves of an Orchid Plant turn dark green instead of the grassy yellow green they should be and the Orchid plant doesn't bloom. If there is too much light, the leaves of an Orchid Plant turn yellow and develop sunspots. A location near an east or west facing window is usually best location for a Phaleonopsis Orchid.  Most Orchid Plants prefer about 10 hours of light a day.

WATER CONDITIONS:  The easiest way to kill any Orchid Plant is by over-watering. Always allow the top 50% of the potting compost to dry out before watering. Check the roots of an Orchid Plant monthly to be sure they are staying whitish green and plump. Never allow an Orchid Plant to sit in water and keep water off of the flowers. Never use water from a softener on an Orchid Plant. Soil, temperature, time of year, humidity, and pot size all influence an Orchid Plant's watering needs. Orchid Plants dry out a little faster in the winter because of the heat in your home and low humidity.

Please visit HOUSEPLANT411.com for more information and detailed care instructions.

Please note, Sweetpea's works with locally grown plants and each of our potted arrangements are unique in their own way.  The assortment shown is an example of the size, colour and varieties of plants available.  Your potted arrangement will vary based on the time of year, potting options and budget you've selected.


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